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A collection of five years of music from Banished From The Universe with a song from each of our artists, some more from releases to come and some from friends whose music we love.

01. Mountaineater - Lord Of Sumo
02. An Emerald City - The Distance
03. James Duncan - Anti-Radiation Fez (feat. Watercolours)
04. Sun and the Wolf - 13
05. Strange Forces - Daryl Somers presents...
06. Dictaphone Blues - Cliche
07. Rackets - Heavy
08. The Fish - Laura Lee
09. Alizarin Lizard - The Weekend Went Without You
10. Rohypnotise - Fade To Grey
11. BC Luxiggy Studio - The Order Carnivora
12. The Pyramid Scheme - Ghosts Of The Sphinx
13. Elections - Hanna Roe
14. Bond Street Bridge - The Third Man
15. Margaret - Lola


Released on August 19th.

01. Sweet Lily White
02. Foolish Pride
03. Tomorrow Never Comes
04. She Of The Countryside
05. Food For Thought

BAN01 Rackets


  rackets  friends

CD $15.00

BAN05 Alizarin Lizard

Oh Colour EP

CD $10.00

BAN09 Sun And The Wolf

White Buffalo

CD $15.00

BAN13 Strange Forces

...Listen To The Birds

CD $15.00

BAN16 Jordan Léser

Just Like Autumn EP

CD $15.00

BAN02 Rackets

High Places

CD $15.00

BAN06 Alizarin Lizard

The Weekend Went....

CD $15.00

BAN10 Alizarin Lizard

Do You Just Want Me To...

CD $15.00

BAN13a Strange Forces

...Listen To The Beats

CD $15.00

 BAN17 Dictaphone Blues

Mufti Day

CD $15.00

BAN03 The Pyramid Scheme

Massive Reminders Of A...

CD $15.00

BAN07 Dictaphone Blues

Beneath The Crystal Palace

CD $15.00

BAN11 An Emerald City

An Emerald City EP

CD $10.00

BAN14 Bond Street Bridge

The Explorers Club...

CD $15.00

BAN18 Die!Die!Die!

What Did You Expect EP

CD $15.00

BAN04 An Emerald City

 The Fourth

CD $15.00

BAN08 James Duncan


  james duncan vanishing

CD $15.00

BAN12 An Emerald City

Circa Scaria

CD $15.00

BAN15 Mountaineater


BAN15 Mountaineater 'Mountaineater'.jpg

CD $15.00

MON038 Bond Street Bridge

Spring Summer Awesome..

CD $15.00