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Arthur Ahbez


Combine a New Zealand-born songwriter with a goulash of 1960s inspirations and a marijuana cigarette, slow-roast and compost for 32 years. The result? Distinctly tangible, folk-laden rock and roll.

In 2013, Arthur released his debut self-recorded and self-produced album Gold. A cosy mix of soft firelight folk and psychedelia, Gold quickly gained a tight-knit following of fans from all over the world. Singles "Walk On" and "The Fundamentals" rocketed their way up local radio charts and were soon after licensed for American television.

2017 saw the release of his second self-recorded effort, Volume II. Part concept album and part follow-up to Gold, Volume II's songs exhibited Arthur's growth as a songwriter and his increasing mastery of a unique lo-fi sonic vision. Side A's "Painters Portrait" explored his British folk influences, while Side B reveled in his love of 60s rock and roll.

Vacillating between playful tongue-in-cheek remarks and universal truths, Arthur's songs are grown from the soil of his personal philosophy. Love, existential angst, joy and trepidation interact behind a canvas of reverb and piercing electric guitar.

Mid 2019, Arthur began work in a pro studio with his band The Flaming Ahbez. This departure from DIY recording marked a turning point in his search for a more polished sound. His most recent project is a split EP with Dave Weir, celebrating their camaraderie in 4 tracks of austere acid folk . Arthur & Dave arrives December 2nd 2019.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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