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Carnivorous Plant Society


Carnivorous Plant Society is a musical experience set with live animations. The talented quintet of five of New Zealand's most accomplished musicians perform their original compositions that ignite the imaginations of both children and adults alike. Mexican mariachi mixes with spaghetti western; futuristic sci-fi blends with bizarre, spine-chilling nuances drawn from Stephen King novels.

The animations are all hand made by band leader Finn Scholes. Each video is meticulously set to music and tell stories using colour, light, beauty and sometimes a touch of horror. Trumpet, vibraphone, synthesiser, tuba, guitar, drums, violin and vocals all play their part in telling tales of dystopian futures, romances set in space and alternative creation theories.

Carnivorous Plant Society consists of some of New Zealand’s top musicians, each with their own musical achievements. Cass Basil on bass and vocals plays with Tiny Ruins and Bic Runga. Alistair Deverick on drums and vocals plays with Anika Moa, Lawrence Arabia and Neil Finn. Tam Scholes on guitar plays also with Aaradhna. Siobhanne Thompson on vibraphone, vocals, violin and baby trumpet also plays with The Black Bird Ensemble.

Carnivorous Plant Society have already performed at a large number of festivals and have an extensive following in both Auckland and rurally. Some of these festivals include The Auckland Arts Festival, The Festival of Colour, Splore, The Auckland International Film Festival, The Tittirangi Music Festival, The Auckland City Limits Festival and The Wellington Jazz Festival.

Despite the band’s success they continue to release more music and art. Last year they released their 4th album, this one accompanied by a graphic novel. They have also performed shows with extended variations of the ensemble such as a horn section, a percussionist and a story teller.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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