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Christoph El Truento


"The always changing sound of Christoph el' Truento"

Christoph El Truento is a long time player in the Aotearoa music industry as a producer and skilled DJ. He is widely known for his genre-bending formula, expertly demonstrating his multi-faceted musical genius in production varying across jazz, hip-hop, footwork, reggae and dub. Playing to such vast strengths creates the heady combination of his mysterious, selective and international sound.

This is apparent in his collection of self-titled albums such as LWMP18, Peacemaker Dub and Live from the Cloudy Subtropical.

As a household name he is most recognisable as the producer behind @peace, Tom Scott's Avantdale Bowling Club and his various collaborations with musicians Team Dynamite, Julien Dyne, Ladi6, Fat Freddy's Drop and others.

This notoriously elusive maestro continuously surprises his dedicated fanbase and critics with each release, gaining international traction as the producer to watch.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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