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Clementine Valentine


Sisters Clementine and Valentine Nixon make music that is at once spacious and sensual, swooning and spellbound. The sisters’ intertwined voices soar and slow dive, radiating a rich spectrum of experience: journeys, homecomings, and great longing.

Raised in Hong Kong and New Zealand's South Island by a family whose musical roots run deep, the sisters developed a unique inner language, a universe of secret worlds. Their music is the nexus of paradise and isolation, beauty and blankness, ritual and the right now.  

Perfumed Earth, their sophomore album and Flying Nun debut which arrived in 2019, shimmers with veiled, kaleidoscopic textures. The sisters combine their ethereal voices with gleaming synthesisers and guitars that sound both futuristic and eternal, creating what Pitchfork calls “lush melodies, strands that wind and splay like a carpet of vine.”

In 2023, the sisters released The Coin That Broke The Fountain Floor to critical acclaim, and successfully toured Aotearoa in celebration. 2024 will see Clementine Valentine tour Europe and the UK extensively.

The sisters are currently located in an isolated valley in New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, where they live with their dog, Merlin, and a few thousand honey bees.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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