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Glass Vaults


Glass Vaults are Richard Larsen, Bevan Smith, Rowan Pierce, Cory Champion, Ben Lemi, Nina Seigler, and a growing array of collaborators. Since its conception in 2010, they have produced a stream of releases and transcendental live performances, developing into a unique brand of swirling low-fi disco.

Over the last decade, Glass Vaults has released an acclaimed body of work, played to capacity crowds inside drained swimming pools and humid forests, toured throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the US, and taken up residence in New York. Their early collection of EPs, written and recorded in rooms and studios throughout New Zealand are atmosphere-driven, hazy and slower-paced, while the bands three full-length LPs: Sojourn 2015, The New Happy 2017 and Sounds That Sound Like Music 2020 have peeled away a hazy veneer to reveal off-kilter pop songs.

Their new album, Sounds That Sound Like Music, pushes deeper into the realms of dreamy disco-funk. STSLM was written and recorded at a series of retreats, including a lake house in Taupō and a cabin in the mountains of Arthur’s Pass, and includes guest appearances and collaborations with Cory Champion (Borrowed CS), Erika Grant (Orchestra of Spheres), Tom Callwood (Phoenix Foundation), Charlotte Forrester (Womb) and Gemma Syme (Instant Fantasy).

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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