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HIGH HØØPS is the sunset escape project of left handed Aquarian Jordan Arts. Bursting with colourful juxtapositions of blue-eyed soul, electronica, R&B and house, the producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist creates his own brand of textural self-assured modern music.

A late bloomer to finding his singing voice, and without any formal music literacy, it’s a testament that ‘vibe is king’ for Jordan.

The candlelit croon of HIGH HØØPS has now featured across big player records like the 10 million streamed Spotify smash ‘Comfortableʼ with Moods (Netherlands), triple J heavy rotator ‘One Hundredʼ with Roland Tings (Australia) and on collaborations with local hip-hop heavyweights SWIDT and High Beams (NZ), all while crafting out psych-pop tunes as a core member of critically acclaimed five-piece Auckland music collective, LEISURE.

“I only really started singing over my productions because it became an extra form of expression. I had fell into this world of sampling and building layers of sound but there was a missing focal point or emotion. So I started to sing more, often awfully, but it got the melody idea across. It was always the intention for somebody else to deliver the melodies but as I grew in confidence it started to become it’s own thing to make the songs feel more three dimensional.”

It’s only taken three long-term relationships through his twenties, countless tours around the world, a bout of heavy depression and the birth of his beautiful new born daughter to exhale and take heed of his natural gravitation to music and sonic storytelling. “I’m now at peace with the concept that I really am who I am and like what I like, however I choose to articulate that creatively.”

In a case of the less he knows the better, HØØPS finds himself challenging the status quo in a world where trends move fast and success can be limiting, but he remains conscious of the connection of mood and atmosphere in his music. “I feel like I’m forever aware of placing the listener into a space or time or feeling – being able connect those dots of what I’m feeling to the listener is my holy grail and definition of success with the HØØPS project”

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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