Creating music for slow-dancing insomniacs, Fantis Atlantis is the latest project from Melbourne musician Neddwellyn Jones, who’s devotional lo-fi meanderings have navigated their way around the globe via MTV, New York Fashion Week, short & feature films, theatrical productions, and radio waves in the US, EU & NZ.


“Jones sings with a crushing vulnerability... a genuine will for joy; the memory of happiness and the crippling possibilities of hope... Everything hangs together beautifully”
- Simone Ubaldi, Beat Magazine

Jones has teamed up with Isaac Wright & Ash Dennis (The Galaxy Folk, Piggy) along with Levi Franco (Steve Lucas band, Superholics) to bring Fantis Atlantis’ devotional lo-fi dream-pop meanderings to life.

In Australia, a tune about his friend’s shoe collection was given an ‘Australian Single of the Year’ nod by Beat Magazine; he was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to compose for the The Great Organ for Melbourne Music Week; and his piano works were featured at the opening of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art’s New 14 Exhibition.


“... a lovely mess of tender moments, it may have been one of the best shows I have seen in some time.... one of those events where for years to come the people who went will have a secret bond, and will always remember what they saw and what they heard”
- Tim Burke, Faster Louder

Fantis Atlantis will be sidestroking their way across the Tasman in March for shows at the Wine Cellar on the 16th (w. Dicatphone Blues) and Golden Dawn on the 17th (w. Dual)