Madly is a brand new collaboration from Beach Pigs alum Dahnu Graham and Suren Unka. Already accustomed to the rigors of songwriting, touring, and performing in Auckland City, their debut single “Cloud Nine” solidifies an already fruitful creative relationship between the two.

The accompanying music video, shot by Žiga Zupančič and directed Eddy Fifield has a moody, surreal pace to it, which is - according to Dahnu a “perfect visual metaphor” for the song.

This May they debuted their surging live show, playing to a sold out Powerstation ahead of electronic producer duo Flight Facilities.

Singer Dahnu, speaking of the new project: “Our goal was to keep everything as fresh as possible, which meant if it wasn't coming together by the first day we would drop it. Thankfully the relationship between Suren and I is strong enough that we each know how to communicate our dislikes and likes, which means we can work through material quickly.”

Unka, a notable solo artist in his own right has relished the chance to work with his bandmate on this new project. “For me, collaborations are strange...sometimes you gel, sometime you donʼt. But, for the last seven years working together with Dahnu, I can hear a beat and know whether itʼs right or not.”

With shades of Jon Hopkins, M83 and The Postal Service, Madly represents and exciting new step for the pair, whoʼs debut EP is slated for release in mid 2018.