When a new Dunedin three piece made their live debut near the end of 2008, one thing was obvious – for Tristan Dingemans, front man of the formidable band HDU, lightening had struck twice. This was no former glory with backing band situation; this was a band, which was instantly capable of creating its own moments of pure transcendency. In short, Dingemans proved he wasn’t gonna step out until he had something great. And ladies and gentleman, with Chris Livingston (drums) and Anaru Ngata (bass and guitar), that is Mountaineater.

Few bands manage to take the intangibility of experiencing a natural landscape and transform it into sound, but those that do are absolutely momentous. Yes, with this brooding and heavy mix of sonic landscapes and visceral, bludgeoning rock, you can’t ignore the pedigree. Yet Mountaineater is a further step down the path of tension filled catharsis, as immediately inviting as they are unrelenting. This is the next great Dunedin band you’ve been waiting for.

“If you thought HDU were capable of wreaking sonic destruction, this trio will leave you gasping”

Real Groove, April 2009