Since Banished From The Universe first appeared in April 2009 (started by An Emerald City to release their own debut album Circa Scaria) it has slowly but elegantly grown its brood. With friends and allies jumping on board to release a series of sonically powerful albums, it now boasts a stable of artists including AN EMERALD CITYRACKETSDICTAPHONE BLUESJAMES DUNCANMOUNTAINEATERTHE PYRAMID SCHEMEALIZARIN LIZARDSUN AND THE WOLFBOND STREET BRIDGESTRANGE FORCESTHE FISH and MARGARET.
To celebrate this joyous and polygamous 4 and a 1/2 year marriage we are giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of our compilation album M I X T A P E with a song from each of our artists and some extra tracks from friends. Best played on headphones whilst meandering through the streets of a town near you.