“Their name is right for them they are a racket. My chainsaw an pet roti sound better than that. Smash that shit”

Rackets (no ‘the’) are two overweight caucasians and a Bulgarian. At one point in their careers they all worked together at the same supermarket. It was rat shit. Coming together over a shared love of the Pixies , Nirvana and Hawaiian shirts, a powerful bond was forged. Rackets have played a 42 date tour of new zealand , opened for the Black Lips , playedin front of a mountain , played out of shopping trolleys, been banned from radio stations and banned from the Interislander.  When they’re not playing live shows or lurking around the city  they are at home writing songs and practicing in 20 minute bursts because if they go longer than that the sound control guy comes around and tells them to keep it down. 

They are currently the sickest band in New Zealand (Aotearoa) , ask anyone. 100% New Zealand Music