sidekicknick aka Nick Buckton has finally released a follow up to his critically acclaimed 2008 debut album Miscellaneous Adventures.

The Red Planet Plan/The Blue Planet Plan is a double release, 10 years in the making, and will be released via local label Banished From The Universe in 2019

The Red Planet Plan is more traditional sidekicknick- rollicking noisy pop tunes with witty words. The Blue Planet Plan is more introverted and soundscapey. Originally slated as a single album release, it wasdecided to separate the two distinct styles, giving the listener ‘options’

In the intervening years since his initial release, Nick has kept active in the NZ music scene, playing in various bands- predominantly Auckland indie folk heroes Voom. After living in Berlin on and off between 2009-2012, Nick settled back in Auckland, and has since forged a successful career as a film and tv sound designer/mixer at Native Audio- notable projects being the award winning feature film Dark Horse, and recent Netflix documentary series Dark Tourist. So when he’s not in his studio making noise for films, he’s in his studio making noise for this release.

These tracks were recorded in an extremely piecemeal method; layered over many years in many different studios in many different countries- deconstructed then reconstructed, discarded, then reborn...until finally the cement set. They are dense productions, with many details often only becoming apparent on repeat listens. At times an intense experience, but ultimately a rewarding one.

If Miscellaneous Adventures was the story of Nick’s 20’s, then The Red Planet Plan/The Blue Planet Plan is the story of his 30’s. Far less optimistic starry eyed naivety; far more cynical wisdom.