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Balu Brigada


Balu Brigada are an alt-pop duo from New Zealand, made up of brothers Henry and Pierre Beasley.

After signing with Atlantic Records in 2022 the duo relocated to New York. This tour will be in part their first homecoming tour since, in support of their upcoming EP 'Find A Way'. featuring latest released single 'Designer' which has 1 mil streams and counting.

Born into a creative home, their dad a dancer and mother an actress/musician, Henry and Pierre Beasley each dipped their toes in acting during school before fully immersing themselves in their love for music.

A truly homegrown talent, they started making music together young, when a 12-year-old Henry capitalized on his older brother status by appointing himself lead guitarist and forcing Pierre to learn bass – officially forming Balu Brigada when Pierre was old enough to almost pass as 18 and play in bars.

The duo have spent the past few years fine tuning their skills in every aspect of their output. Hailed by i-D as “an actual band of brothers making tunes stacked with hooks that’ll run circles around your brain for days,” and coined as a Best New Artist by People Magazine, the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer brothers are habituated to finishing each other’s sentences both in everyday discourse and in song.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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