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Lilly Carron

Lilly Carron is an ethereal alt-pop artist from Muriwai, New Zealand.

In 2019, fresh out of high school, the young artist released her first track ‘Evaporate The Rain’, followed by her debut EP messy mind in 2020. Exploring her own coming-of-age and that of those around her, she was described as an artist whose ‘material clips close to the bone for those of us growing up in the millenia’. 

And that proved to connect, amassing over 8 million streams to date and rave reviews.

Fast forward to 2024 and the young ethereal alt-pop artist is set to release her sophomore EP 'And The Clouds Came Undone'. Born in years of self-reflection and growth and the whirlwind of emotions that ensued.

"Creating these songs gave me space for internal reflection, confronting myself, parts I needed to lose and those I wished to draw closer. Exploring the idea of escapism, solitude and boundaries. My heart is spilled all over this collection of songs, I am so excited to be sharing it with you soon.”

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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