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Samara Alofa

Samara Alofa (Ngati Awa, Vailoa Palauli, Ha’apai)

Musician/Composer Singer and Songwriter.

Samara started making soundscapes off an iPhone voice loop app and posting them on SoundCloud in their early 20s 2016/17. Their music and unconventional sound was welcomed into a Community of Noise Artists, Theatre Makers, Dancers and Poets. Samara went on to produce and score for Theatre works and study Film as a young adult. After dropping out of film school, in 2020 they released their Ep titled “Earth Punk” a works they produced and composed blending all sorts of musical elements in which they had developed over time working as a Theater Composer. Taking Influence from Poets, Artists/Musicians Ibeyi, Tirzah, Aja Monet and Yukimi Nagano, Samara drew up a world in them that was heavily rooted in the concept of being an Earth Punk.

2021 Samara released their single B.T.T.G (back to the Gods) , a new and unique development of their sound. Shortly after they released another single in collaboration with their good friend and Musician/Rapper @PollyHill called ‘VOID’

2023 Samara and PollyHill released two singles ALIEN SEX and QUEER BAIT, then a full album AQUARIES. With similar backgrounds in theater and scoring Samara and PollyHill created something that was inherently unique to their experience, their scene here in NZ and personal taste. The album is created to be listened to as a world of your own. Inherently Beautiful and Queer.

Agent: Reuben Bonner

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